40.7964833, -74.4844889

40.7964833, -74.4844889
Abandoned Lot, Image 1
Morristown, New Jersey
Astray (ongoing)
Toaster oven
February 14, 2016 – 12:15pm

I have driven this route to my parents house many times, driving up Ann Street and turning onto Western, however, this is the first time I notice the abandoned lot on the corner of Ann and Court Streets. What catches my eye first is something bright pink all the way on top of the hill at the back of the lot. It looks like a car seat. When I enter (no signs posted to say no trespassing) I immediately see a toaster oven. Why is it here? What had been on this lot before? In search of answers, I have reached out to the town of Morristown and I am waiting to hear back.