The Pregnant Moment, 2014

The pregnant moment is… a defining, critical moment; a significant, frozen moment in time which invites the viewer to ask a multitude of questions such as,

What led this to happen?
What will happen after this moment?
Why has this moment occurred?
– Alan Peat [1]

One could say that when film is penetrated by photography these instants become its pregnant moments. – Raymond Bellour[2]

The Pregnant Moment derives from two points, the theory surrounding a critical moment that has been frozen in time, this moment belonging to me and that I am offering up to the viewer, married with the literal fact that in the film I am pregnant. The literal moment in time will fade, I will cease being pregnant and my child will grow into their own, but through this video, impregnated with flashes of still images, the ‘pregnant moment’ will live on, ceasing to be a specific moment in time and will become “the moment from which time radiates in both directions suggesting what’s happened before it and what’s happened after it.”(Douglas Wolk[3])

In some respects my child and I will never be as close as we are in the film, the second he is born he will begin his own journey – every day growing separate from mine. This will change my notions of identity and effect how we both see the world. The Pregnant Moment represents a dual self-portrait, me as a soon-to-be mother on the outside and my baby as a new developing self on the inside.